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Can you imagine your very own villa in the Veneto region? How about a palazzo in the capital Venice, with its canals and amazing architecture? Or perhaps a house with a balcony in the medieval Verona, the setting of Romeo and Juliet? Wherever you choose your own villa, in Veneto you will be surrounded by amazing history, lovely landscapes and fantastic food and wine.


In Liguria on the Italian riviera, on a small peninsula overlooking the azure blue Mediterranean sea, lies Portofino. Full of charm with pastel coloured houses mixed with boutiques and restaurants surrounding the Piazzetta, the small square overlooking the harbour full of super yachts. With your own villa in Portofino, you will not only be able to enjoy the panoramic views or charming town, you will also be able to mix with the rich and famous!


You can explore all that Puglia has to offer when you stay in your very own villa. Puglia is a mostly undiscovered gem, forming the heel of Italy’s boot. With its coastline stretching for hundreds of kilometers, whitewashed hill towns, lovely farmland and distinctive trulli, the stone huts with their conical roofs, Puglia offers charm overload.


There is so much to see and do in Tuscany that it is hard to know where to begin. From the artwork of Florence, to the charm of Siena, to undiscovered hilltop towns, Tuscany is a destination that can’t be missed.  There are gentle hills, lovely nature and charming villages, that you can explore from the base of your very own villa. And at the end of the day, enjoy a glass of wine on your own porch, while watching the sun set.


Wine tasting and local cuisine including foraged truffles can be enjoyed in Umbria! Umbria is sometimes called Italy’s green heart with its friendly people, medieval hill towns and dense forests found throughout this region. You will quickly be charmed by all that this region has to offer when you stay in your own private villa.

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