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The Loire

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

The Loire…a majestic river, meandering through gentle hills and farmland towards the Atlantic ocean, surrounded by charming old stone houses, beautiful flowers and lovely castles – nothing but beauty all around! With its enchanting castles and fascinating abbeys, fabulous accommodations and fantastic French food, there is no better place to visit.

Begin your journey at the fabulous hunting castle of Chambord, built in a masculine style, with its double-helix staircase, more than 4500 works of art, and beautiful gardens. It is truly inspiring !

In stark contrast to Chambord is Château de Chenonceu, the water castle built over the Cher, with its feminine style and feminine history. It was women who built and protected the castle throughout history. Consider a visit in the evening to see the illuminations of the gardens.

Continue your journey to the impressive Château d’Amboise which sits perched on the edge of the Loire. It was a favourite royal residence in the 15th century and even though it later fell into disrepair, the outer defensive towers are still impressive. Only 500 metres from Chateau d’Amboise, you will find the Château du Clos Lucé , which was gifted to Leonardo da Vinci by Francis I and where the painter lived out his last years, until his death in 1519.

Just an hour drive further west, you will reach Fontevraud Abbey. This is the resting place of Richard Lionheart, the King of England, and his parent’s, Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Richard Lionheart was a crusader and warrior and his untimely death resulted from a war injury. The quiet, peaceful gardens of the Abbey where he rests are in stark contrast to the life he led!

And finally, make your way along the Loire, to Angers. In this bustling town, you will find Chateau Angers and in the Chateau, the Apocalypse Tapestry. Produced between 1377 and 1382, the tapestry depicts the story of the Apocalypse. It is the oldest surviving French medieval tapestry and a total of 90 scenes are on display. It is quite impressive!

It stirs the imagination to think that, to all of this, the Loire has been a silent witness while her waters quietly stream towards the Atlantic!

So start dreaming about the Loire and when you are ready to travel, we would be honoured to design your wonderful Loire adventure!

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