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Norway by Anna

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

They called her crazy Anna. She earned that nickname because as a girl, she was the first one to jump in the fjord in the spring, before the ice had even melted. A descendant of fishermen, kings, and Vikings, she lived in Hemnes, a small village on the coast in Nordland, 1000 km north of Oslo. Her name was Anna Hermine Henriksdatter and she was my great grandmother. She was strong, independent and unique, much like Norway itself. With my personal connection to Norway, I am proud to introduce you to this incredible destination

With its fascinating Viking culture, beautiful landscape, extra-ordinary nature experiences, and its vibrant, modern urban scene, Norway is truly an exceptional place to visit.

For those captivated by Viking culture, Viking history, museums, tours, and other experiences can be found throughout the country. A visit to the Viking ship museum in Oslo is a must. Here one can see the world’s best preserved Viking vessels such as the Oseberg ship, the Gokstad ship, and the Tune ship and get a real sense of these seafaring warriors and traders.

Experiencing Norway’s stunning natural environment, with its mountains, fjords and its natural wonders such as the northern lights and midnight sun will truly be a life-long lasting memory.

For ‘foodies”, Norway offers a unique cuisine and 11 Michelin star restaurants, including the underwater restaurant “Under” in Southern Norway.There, fine dining can be enjoyed while, surrounded by an amazing underwater world and the local, marine ecosystem.

For those clients seeking a modern, urban vibe, Oslo does not disappoint, with its fashion, food, art scene and lively neighbourhoods!

Norway will always hold a special place in my heart and I would love for your clients to experience this unique destination. Hope this gets them dreaming and when they are ready to turn their dream into reality, we would be honoured to design their amazing Norwegian adventure!

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