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Iceland by Aylin

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

I didn’t know what to expect as the plane landed. I collected my luggage and got onto my transfer. I then found myself travelling across volcanic plains, resembling those probably only found on far away alien lands, past dwarf yellow Christmas trees, herds of sheep and horses scattered over the mountains, I knew this would be magical, a trip that I couldn’t wait to experience. Breathtaking waterfalls, giant geysers shooting up to 30 meters in the air almost every minute and over 125 volcanoes, the land of fire and ice, yes I am talking about Iceland!  

Iceland, which is not covered all over with ice after all. In fact, there is an average temperature of about 10 degrees Celsius and it can be comfortably visited all year round. A mystical country full of surprises and unique features. Being a Viking settlement of Norway, it has its own shares of Nordic Mythology. Elves, lava sculpted trolls frozen in time and 13 variations of old Saint Nick!  Icelandic Folklore is definitely a big part of the country’s culture. A recent construction was even halted at the Gálgahraun lava fields as the area is believed to be home to elves and dwarfs!  

Some other very interesting facts that I found surprising to learn; Iceland was the home to one of the first parliaments of Europe and one of the few countries in the world that does not have a McDonald’s. Actually, I was very impressed with the gourmet palate of the Icelandic people. Fresh caught seafood, free roaming lamb and fresh local berries. Foodies are sure to be fascinated by the local cuisine. The capital Reykjavik is full of restaurants serving traditional ingredients with modern twists. Make sure to check out some of the city’s finest like Íslenski Barinn, Matarkjallarinn, KOL Restaurant and Matur og Drykkur. I can still taste the “Thunder Bread”, a sweet rye bread steam cooked in the geothermal springs.  

Although a very small country that only houses a population of 300,000, it is vast in its variations of landscapes, history and experiences. One of the best places in the world to view the northern lights and midnight sun, from luxury accommodations to cozy country farm stays, Iceland is sure to satisfy the most diligent of travellers.  


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