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Board your Slovenian Safari!

Come and discover this small but diverse country, that offers alps, lowlands, hills and the Mediterranean coast. Slovenia offers something for everyone and is yours to discover when you take a Slovenian Safari. Come and explore Slovenia’s most hidden gems.

Come and experience something different and unique, where you can create your own unique itinerary off the beaten path!

Rent a car and drive yourself or you can let us do this part. You just have to decide where you want to stay! There are so many regions to explore, for example:

· Carniola also known as the Alpine region

· Broader Primorska Region that includes the Soca river valley as well the vine country of Brda

· Styria region

· Prekmurje region

· Dolenjska region

Our unique package includes accommodation in special experience properties including the more and more popular glampings, private stays with special features, or farm stays. Here are some of our recommendations.

· Gozdna Jasa Glamping, luxury tents on a meadow surrounded by Alps, emerald Soča river and Boka Waterfall

· Big Berry Kolpa Resort, on the banks of Kolpa river

· Goričke iže, in the heart of Goričko region, with the only volcano in the country and known for wine

· Naturasort, below the vineyards and just a 5-minute drive from the centre of Maribor

· Mountain Fairytale Glamping Resort, a piece of untouched nature on the doorstep to Karavanke Alps

· Alp Glamping Village, an adult only property in Bled

· Panonska Vas, a pristine Prekmurje style village in the heart of the region

· Slovenia Eco resort, a family friendly resort below Velika Planina

Our packages include 6 overnight stays at the selected properties. Private transfers can also be arranged.

Contact us for more details and a quote.

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