Gushing waterfalls, steaming geysers and breathtakingly empty landscapes riven with ice make this volcanic island one of the most impressive destinations for nature anywhere in the world. Sail down its fjords, flanked by giant cliffs of ice on either side, or explore a glacier using snowshoes or by snowmobile. Enjoy the startling contrast between freezing air and bubbling thermal waters as you sink deep into one of the natural hot springs scattered across the country.

Our luxury Iceland tours can be whatever you want them to be – each one is designed just for you, right down to the smallest detail. Sleep beneath the Northern Lights in a room with a glass roof, with the colours shifting overhead all night. Or journey into the frozen heart of this remarkable country as you descend into spectacular ice caves.

Iceland’s charms extend into the cities, too. In the gem that is the tiny capital, Reykjavik, colourful buildings house restaurants serving up hearty Nordic fare, as well as tiny, intimate bars. Wherever your Icelandic adventure takes you, Victours we will be right by your side, offering you the highest level of luxury, local insight and authenticity.




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