Imagine sitting in the magnificent Canadian Rockies or visiting the stunning Banff and Jasper national parks or simply exploring the rugged wilderness of the Pacific Rim national park.  Now imagine that you do all that whilst also enjoying the luxuries of hand-picked accommodations and services.

Not to be outdone is the colourful East Coast with its stunning coastlines, breaching whales, and giant icebergs.  The beauty of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland remain incomparable and worthy of visiting in any season – winter, spring, summer or fall!  With an abundance of rich history and natural wonders, these provinces are home to the oldest European settlements and with some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet.

And then there’s Quebec.  With a myriad of attractions, this unique Province of Canada is like none other in all of North America.  This is French Canada, staying steadfast to its culture.  Gifted with 43 national parks and 13 wildlife reserves, Quebec offers a plethora of great outdoor adventures including those in the scenic Laurentians. Also, not to be missed are its famed cities of Montreal, historic Quebec City, the charming Eastern Townships.

Albeit, we at Victours International have built our reputation on satisfying the addiction of luxury travel to Europe, Africa and India, however we cannot leave behind the wonders of our own backyard to go explore the rest of the world, eh? 

Canada is abundantly blessed with immensely scenic landscapes of natural beauty.  Travelling within our own country can be surprisingly rewarding. Each province, each city or town, and each national park with its rivers, lakes and mountains is a unique part of Canada.  Also, starting June 22, 2020, Canada has begun to gradually open national historic sites across the country.

Exploring Canadian heritage in all its glory is an experience that we at Victours International wish to offer.  In our quest to offer a rewarding experience, we are now in the stage of developing touring options to suit a variety of interests and budgets.

We are in negotiations with Canada’s leading hoteliers – Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and with other privately owned luxury resorts – and will be introducing the beauties of East and West Coast of Canada in short-stay modules.




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